Crystal is gay

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"And if he wants to leave, let him leave. You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love."

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"I think that the best day will be when we no longer talk about being gay or straight - it’s not a ‘gay wedding’ it’s just a ‘wedding’, it’s not a ‘gay marriage’ it’s just ‘a marriage’. It’s not a ‘black man’ or ‘white woman’, it’s just ‘a man’ and ‘a woman’ or ‘a human’ and ‘a human’. I’d just like to get to that."

- P!nk (via thelesbianguide)

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If you’re against gay marriage, watch Billy & Pat's wedding.

You’ll change your mind.

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gaming all night

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I’m fairly certain I’ve reblogged this before, but goddamn, they’re all sO CUTE.

#Can we talk about how realistic this is #it literally has almost every body type and preference here #big thighed #skinny waist #freckles #tall #short #gay #straight #red kneed #thigh gap #tattoos #piercings #girls with short hair #guys with dyed hair #short dresses #skinny jeans #these could have been drawn so stereotypically yet they’re not #however they’re still perfect

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